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Always wanted to work in the erotic/adult film business? Triple Casting (part of Triple Productions) is always looking for new models/actrices for our productions.  We work for a diversity of clients in Europe and are always open to meet new models from all over te world. For more information about what we can do for you, please read below.

What are we looking for?


We are always interested in meeting beautiful girls and women, between the ages of 18 and 28, with a skinny/slim/fit body shape. SInce we do specialize in erotic/adult content creation, it comes in handy if you like showing your body, are proud of it and/or do like sex in any form what so ever. Futhermore most of our clients like to see a well-groomed appearance and none to at most a few tattoo's. Of course other casting agency may require other standards, we have molded ours to fit those of our clients.

Do you think you qualify? Please contact us, by providing us with your information!

After we receive your registration we will contact you and talk about the possibilities we think you might have.

If you are an experienced model with a portfolio (photo and film) and positive references we can and will book you for one of our productions immediately if we see a fitting job-opportunity.

If you are a new model, without portfolio and/or references we might offer you an audition first. This is so we can create a small sample of material which we can provide to our clients and provide you with an opportunity to have a real-life set experience without having to sign a model-release and have your face and body published on the internet immediately.

So this is a perfect change to try out if you think it's for you, with no risk of being published unless you give us permission for this and sign our model-relases.


As for men: we are sorry, but for the moment we do have enough experienced male performers on files. While producers like to work with new girls (fresh faces) all the time, the opposite goes for male performers. In this business men are playing the side-job since most viewers are mostly only interested in a small portion of the male body and it's mostly about the girls. And since performing on a set, with a crew, camera's and under a lot of stress is very hard and difficult work, almost all producers perfer to work with experienced male performers, from who they know they will show up and perform, thereby not delaying the shoot/production and costing them money.

As for couples: most producers want to match a female and male performer themselves. Therefor there is a very low demand for couples. If you still wishes to enlist, please make sure you don't sign up as a couple, but make two separate registrations. In the remark field you can note your preference to work together. We do strongly advise however, that you are also open to work with other performers as well, as this increases the number of job opportunities!

Our Team

John Adams

Executive Director

As founder, John started this company nearly 8 years ago. He is not only a experienced performer (+/- 300 movies), but also a experienced producer and director. He can also brainstorm about new concepts and ideas you envision. 

Ivey Passion

Creative Director

As co-owner and experienced perfomer (12+ years experience and > 250 movies) Ivey is not only our creative heart and soul, but also one of our most creative script-writers and mostly occupied by scouting and casting new models. 


Office Management

Sarah recently joined our team, as we were to busy creating content, to keep our office neat and organised. Not only physically but also digitally. She will be the primary contact for bookings, productions and new models. She will make sure everything on set is ready to roll!


Finance & Administration

As with every company, we have to keep records (US 2257) and to do bookkeeping to have our administration in proper order. Debbie is also responsible for keeping our accounts receivable and accounts payable up-to-date.


Production Lead

Michael joined our team back in 2016 and since then has become our production lead. As a experienced camera man, he knows how to run a production set and make sure everything and everybody is ready to "roll the cameras"



Richard is our lead photographer and able to create beautiful photos of our models and sets. Beside being a genuine photo artist, he is also one of our steady camera-crew members. 


Years in business







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